Focus Just on Legal

Focus Just On Legal

Ius Juris is solely focused in providing legal support and legal services to its clients since its inception in 2006.  We do not waver from this into other business areas.  Hence, we are able to be a premier player in the legal arena, providing a high standard of service at attractive and cost-saving rates.

We are aware that in-house legal departments are under increasing pressures to identify new ways to manage legal outcomes in more cost- and quality effective ways.  Many General Counsel are now being asked to do more with the same, or even reduced budgets.  This has resulted in their exploring additional options that can assist them with their companies’ legal needs.  

Ius Juris is a valuable and an effective option for GCs and in-house legal departments. Our clients naturally have their own in-house legal team, as well as established relationships with external law firms, to attend to the legal work that requires attention.  We provide a very beneficial option for some of their legal areas in a number of ways.  

We enable our clients not only to get much more legal work accomplished within their legal budget, but also free up time for them to spend on the more important and strategic matters, thereby allowing for even more cost savings.  We keep our pricing simple and transparent.  A large part of what we do is on a fixed fee basis. There are no mark-ups on expenses and no irritating little ‘disbursements’.  Ius Juris delivers reliable and cost-effective legal work product consistently to our General Counsel clients in the select legal areas we focus on.

It is also more than reducing costs.  It is about our clients having the option of having their legal work attended to and completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  It is about us at Ius Juris working as an extension of our clients’ Teams, augmenting them, by working closely with them and understanding their needs and the issues.