Ius Juris offers a full spectrum of trademark services, from trademark searches through to the entire application process, including renewals, assignments, maintenance, and docketing.

By way of a brief summary, we at Ius Juris, LLC attend to trademark prosecutions in USA and globally, attending to as much of the trademark portfolio work as our clients would like for us to. We have a well-established and carefully vetted network of associate relationships in over 120 countries – hence, we save our clients the hassle of finding, choosing, dealing with, and managing a myriad of foreign associates and agents.


With our extensive and long-established network of associate and representative offices in over 120 countries globally, we offer our clients a global footprint for all types of trademark matters and applications. We also work with our clients’ own network of agents in foreign countries, which means that there will be no disruption to their relationships and processes. In dealing with the network of foreign agents, whether they are our clients’ or ours or a combination of both, we bring a high level of efficiency, accuracy, and management to the entire process by:

  • Ensuring that the foreign agents engaged are reputable in their field and of high quality, and are cost-effective;
  • Managing the communications with the foreign agents and the foreign PTOs;
  • Managing deadlines;
  • Attending to and managing the preparation and filing of documents;
  • Managing the receipt and distribution of registration certificates and other original documents;
  • Managing the invoicing and payments of foreign agents, filing fees, and disbursements.

Ius Juris uses, by and large, a fixed fee structure in trademark matters. This delivers to our clients much-improved cost predictability and reduced spend.

With Ius Juris, our clients enjoy increased bandwidth when needed, improved and streamlined processes, and lower risk in managing their trademark prosecution and portfolio.