IP Support Services

IP Support Services

The following are some of the important, but time-consuming work, including administrative work that can easily be outsourced in a very cost-effective manner to Ius Juris.

Pre- & Post-M&A IP Due Diligence

Ius Juris also provides support and services in any due diligence exercise in any M&A transaction. We also provide post-transaction support and services. As these tasks can significantly increase legal costs in any transaction activity, utilizing Ius Juris can materially reduce costs for clients and law firms without sacrificing the desired quality standards. Some of the tasks we can assist with are:

  • Preparation and vetting of IP assets, including trademarks, patents, and copyright owned or licensed; and
  • Assigning the new IP assets to the new owner, and incorporating these assets into the company portfolio, systems, and docketing.

We at Ius Juris can relieve your in-house team of the highly administrative and time-intensive work of docketing, enabling them to have more time to spend on more important and strategic matters.

Paralegal/Prosecution Support

Foreign trademark, patent, and copyright filing work is often more administrative than legal. Ius Juris is easily able to set up foreign filing instructions and link them with docketing services. Naturally, this can also be done for assignments of IP as well as recordal of their licenses. In doing so, Ius Juris is able to reduce the time and cost burden for its clients, and attend to these tasks that require knowledge of the foreign jurisdiction laws and practice.